About Us


Founded in 1989, Audra Herbals was formerly known as Brazilian Beauty House, a specialized hair & beauty treatment center which offered everything from hair loss treatments, professional facials and other pioneering personal care services.

Its founder, Ms Theresa Petrose, a qualified aesthetician, stylist and long-time student in the field of Ayurveda, developed Audra Herbalsthrough a series of long-term trials and observation. Using her knowledge in Ayurveda, in time, she had successfully created a series of hair care products which not only worked miraculously to attain healthy, luxurious hair but also did so by formulating them through natural and herbal extracts.

Her main and willing test subjects were immediate friends and relatives and later extended to loyal, long-term customers who gave her glowing reviews about the products. Through the years, as she took more time to improve and perfect her creations, she finally came out with the perfect formula able to combat hair loss, promote luxurious hair as well give each individual long-term results.

The Audra Herbals brand of products is currently sold in the UK, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Brunei and nationwide throughout Malaysia. For the future, we hope to establish ourselves as a reputable hair care brand... which produces organic results the natural way!

"Audral Herbals... Where Results Matter"

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